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How small business grow

Last Updated on January 28, 2023 by Gagan Dias

how small businesses grow

At the core of every single thing I teach, it is this 🤍

Survival is something we run from.

There’s a reversal that happens when we start running toward something vs. away from something.

That’s where the calling gets bigger.

The mission is massive.

The overflow of grace we receive.

It’s all part of the abundance we seek.

It is something we source.

Like grazing in a garden + harvesting a field.

It needs a basket, a container, a foundation, and a safe space.

We cannot have a business running from survival and expect overflow.

If we want we want a business as a vehicle, a channel, a conduit for a higher purpose it needs a foundation of safety.

Otherwise, the bottom will fall out as we build and we will never see growth.

It’s an everlasting purgatory of stagnation trying to build faster than the bottom gives out.

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  1. This is the most refined article I have found. Really helpful for me, would read it completely after a few times.

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