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QPX Express

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QPX Express

Shutdown FAQs

What happened?

On October 31, 2017, we announced that we would be retiring the QPX Express API, a service that we developed for long-tail travel clients back in 2014. There has been some confusion about this change and its impact on the travel industry, so we’d like to clarify exactly what’s going on.


In 2010, Google acquired ITA Software to make it easier for people to search for flights, compare flight options and prices, and quickly identify where they can buy their tickets. At the time, ITA’s main offering was QPX for enterprise, a robust airfare pricing and shopping platform used by airlines and intermediaries to power their air travel e-commerce experiences. Today, QPX for enterprise enables travel companies to process millions of user-generated flight queries per day. Many air travel shopping websites, including Google Flights, are built on QPX for enterprise data.

QPX Express

QPX Express was an entirely separate product from QPX for enterprise. In 2014, we introduced the QPX Express API, a similar service created for small companies and individual users. This was a very basic air travel pricing and shopping API that lacked the advanced query types, performance optimizations, and support services available to QPX for enterprise customers.

While some companies found the QPX Express API useful, there was simply not enough adoption to continue supporting the product. As a result, we informed users that we would be shutting down the QPX Express API on April 10, 2018.

What this means

QPX for enterprise is not affected by the shutdown of QPX Express — it’s not going anywhere! Since we acquired ITA Software, we’ve continued to expand QPX for enterprise’s features and customer base. It remains widely available to third parties in the travel industry.

When Google acquired ITA Software, the Department of Justice required Google to make QPX for enterprise available to third-party travel companies for at least 5 years, an agreement that we upheld through the entire term — and a practice that we continue to uphold today. Some have confused the retiring of QPX Express with the October 2016 expiry of the Department of Justice’s consent decree related to our acquisition of ITA, but these two things are unrelated.

Our travel partners continue to have access to data provided by QPX for enterprise as they have over the last 7 years, and will have in the future. We’re committed to collaborating with our partners to make the entire online travel journey better for travelers around the globe.

How long can I continue to use the QPX Express API?

The QPX Express API service ended on April 10, 2018.

What steps should I take?

You don’t need to take any action. However, if you were actively using the QPX Express API service, you may want to find an alternate solution.

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