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What small business can I start

Last Updated on January 28, 2023 by Gagan Dias

what small business can I start

Thinking of starting a business

1. Start small

2. If you don’t have any technical skills then start selling

3. What can you sell that people will buy

4. If you cannot start alone then look for a partner

5. What can you do for free

6. Don’t wait for the money to start

7. What advantages do you have

8. Your energy, persistence, network, and character are the assets you have to start your business

9. Don’t be shy in starting from the bottom

10. Package your idea well

11. Package the business well

12. You have not started until you start to receive income outside friends and family

13. Utilize social media and your contacts.

14. Be optimistic and don’t be afraid of mistakes and losses

15. Be proud of yourself. Be a good person.

16. Be honest. Work hard. Don’t be selfish.

17. Study money

18. Study people

19. Study systems

20. Study the culture

Where to Promote your Business for FREE?

Often times business owners are struggling to minimize expenses for their business.
Here is the list of some FREE places you can promote:

  • Facebook: Facebook Pages, Stories, Groups
  • Pinterest: Pinterest Pins, Group Boards, Messages
  • Twitter: Twitter Posts, Group Chats
  • Instagram: Instagram Posts, Stories, Lives
  • Quora: Quora Posts, Spaces, Groups
  • Webtalk: Webtalk Posts, Messengers
  • TikTok: Posts, Stories, Slideshows