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Tips for Choosing the Best Shared Hosting Provider

Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by Gagan Dias

Many traditional businesses are shifting towards online media to run their enterprises. Businesses need a reliable web hosting infrastructure to build an online presence. However, there are many options available and it is an overwhelming task to choose one. In this article, we are discussing some of the major tips for selecting the right web hosting provider. Planning for your website when transitioning your traditional business to the online world.

Shared hosting services are the prominent option to build an online presence for beginners. These inexpensive web hosting services are affordable and in this guide, we will help you in choosing one shared hosting service provider.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service where multiple websites use resources under a single server. Like dedicated hosting services, there are no server isolation methods and dedicated resources allocated to a single website. Instead, a single server with a pool of resources hosts multiple websites.

Thus, overall operational costs of resource sharing are minimized, and the need for the perfect platform for new websites increases. While websites with a lot of traffic may need more powerful forms of hosting, Shared Hosting offers excellent performance to new websites with low to medium traffic. Additionally, Shared Hosting is often sought after for its affordability and user-friendly features, including cPanel integration, making it a popular choice for those looking for cheap hosting with cPanel solutions.

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Shared Hosting Plan

1.     Uptime Guarantee

Website uptime rate is crucial for its performance. In today’s fast-paced era, people do not visit shops. Websites are the new marketplace where shop owners list their products. So, how will there be a higher user experience if there is maximum downtime? Hence, choose the web host offering a higher rate. MilesWeb is the leading shared hosting provider that gives 99.95% guaranteed uptime. With MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans website owners get minimum latency rate and maximum online availability.

2.     Unmetered Bandwidth

Bandwidth is simply a spread measure at which a server transfers data in a given timeframe. There are web hosts like MilesWeb that offer unmetered bandwidth. It means, there are no restrictions on data transfer speed. You can transfer as much data as required. With unmetered bandwidth, you don’t need to worry about hitting the bandwidth limit when your websites get more popular. This means that the amount of data sent to and from your server during a month has no limit, and this doesn’t impact your monthly billing.

3.     Compatibility and One-Click Installation Support

Compatibility is a crucial part of hosting. Your hosting plan will, very realistically, have a significant impact on the design of your website. Many hosting plans do not support CMS software, for example. Hosting plans that don’t support WordPress, for instance, are a waste of money.

Additionally, many companies offer Shared Hosting plans with serious compatibility issues. Make sure your hosting company is compatible with most of the popular and important applications and software you plan on using.

4.     Ease of Scaling

As your website grows, you will need more and more resources to cater to growing needs. Some web hosting companies cram their servers full of websites in a bid to maximize profits. A growing website cannot grow with this headroom.

Make sure you check if customers using a company’s Shared Hosting services have experienced huge drops in performance as their websites have grown. Maybe it would be better to look at another vendor if performance has decreased considerably.

It is a good rule of thumb to choose a Shared Hosting plan that can easily handle sites with low to medium traffic flow.

5.     Add-Ons Available

There are different add-ons available in the web hosting package that are useful for users in managing the web hosting operation. Users get the cPanel, free SSL certificate backup services, and other add-ons in their shared hosting plan. Website owners must add to cart to different add-ons before checkout.

Apart from this, caching technology should also be considered. Web caching is an essential tool for improving the speed and efficiency of web browsing. It reduces the number of requests to the origin server, which reduces latency and improves the user experience.


Choosing the right shared hosting provider is like finding the perfect roommate – it has a big impact on your overall experience. By considering your website’s needs, researching features, and prioritizing factors like reliability and support, you can find a provider that helps your website thrive. Don’t be afraid to compare plans and read reviews to ensure you’re getting the best value. Remember, a reliable and secure foundation is key to building a successful website presence.

MilesWeb offers feature-rich shared hosting plans at competitive prices. With their SSD NVMe servers, free SSL certificates, user-friendly control panel, and 24/7 support, they provide the perfect environment for your website to flourish. Check out MilesWeb’s shared hosting options, and see if they could be your perfect hosting match!

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