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How to Start a Pet Blog in 2024 (Pet Blogging Guide)

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Gagan Dias

Tried to do life it was complete fail so instead I will create this post for all Newbie Pet bloggers! pet blogging Click This Link to Start Your First pet blog with HostGator for only $2.75/mo*

I have been receiving so many different questions on how to start your blog, which host to use, how to make money & reach out to brands, important advice, etc. instead of flooding the group with all of the same questions, I figured + make a roundup post & whoever wants to add to the conversation can do so!


I started off on WordPress.com & spent money on premium. It ended up being quite a waste. I wasn’t able to use plugins or grow my email list which is something I knew was important to growing a successful blog. So I ended up switching to a self-host. I chose site ground after researching the differences between all.

I noticed some Pet bloggers having error issues with bluehost etc and I noticed many saying server speed was faster on HostGator. However so many love bluehost too! I chose HostGator also because I loved that they word transfer my .com site over at no additional cost. The cost to self-host through HostGator is $2.75 a month via my link.

Now self-hosting may not be for you if you aren’t wanting to create a career from your Pet blogging. Self-hosting allows you more flexibility + creativity in my opinion. It allows you to grow your email lists + add free plugins which you may not be able to do otherwise. But, to some, this isn’t a necessity which in that case self-hosting wouldn’t be needed.

2. What’s Important to Note to Become a Successful Pet Blogger?

I notice many asking this question, or just wondering what they should focus on as a new blogger.

My answer would be, to focus on your content. When it comes to blogging, readers are going to be more focused on your content + how great it is more than anything else. If you are creating content that is filled with your passion, your true voice, + your best efforts, chances are they will be drawn in by your writing.

It’s a must to be passionate about everything you are writing about for your readers. If you aren’t passionate about what you write, it won’t come across as important. Make sure you aren’t just creating it to get it out of the way or to “post” something new. Put effort and time into all your content + it will take you far.

I also find that the more consistent you are with your posts, the better. Try setting up a schedule like posting every M, W, and F. You have to try and be strict with how often you post. To prevent writer’s block you can sit down at the beginning of the month and write down all of your blog post ideas! Then map them out by which date you want to post each one. I find that doing this helps me out a lot!

Find your patience. Know that successful Pet blogging doesn’t happen overnight. Every successful Pet blogger started out where you started… with an idea + no clue how to get there. They learned just like you are.

Another fact; even the most successful bloggers are still learning something new every day!! Do yourself a favor and keep pushing even when you feel like you are getting nowhere. I promise each day is a step forward if you set your mind to your goal!

Engage!! Make sure you are reaching out to other Pet bloggers. The Pet blogger community is filled with some of the most friendly + helpful humans I know! We all are striving to achieve the same goal but we are also helping each other get there. If you want to build a following, it’s important you create a trustworthy environment.

Be friendly + engage back with those who reach out to you. Go out of your way to comment on someone else’s blog post + share it too! If you want to get love, you need to give love!

Use social media to your advantage! Join Pinterest group boards, and engage in Facebook groups! Tweet your newest blog post + use Instagram stories. There’s so much you can do with social media to help build and grow your brand! Don’t hold back. Just like I said above too, engage with others on social media and you will find that it goes a long way.

3. BRANDS + MAKING MONEY (Most important Pet Blogging Tips)?

So if you want to start monetizing your Pet blog I suggest you start with affiliate links. Some of my favorites are amazon.. awin’. ShareASale..+ ShopStyle collective! These are great places to start. Affiliate programs give you the opportunity to make a little $$$ from others buying through your link or clicking the affiliate link. Make sure you disclose whenever you use affiliate links etc.

You can also create sponsored posts through brands. If a brand reaches out to you about writing a blog post on your Pet blog about their product, they can offer you money. This is exciting but you also don’t want to lose yourself in this either.

Make sure you genuinely care for the product and that you aren’t just writing to make money. It can turn off your readers. Try not to make all your posts sponsored. You still should be passionate about your sponsored posts!

Pitch to brands. It’s okay to reach out to brands and see if they’d be willing to collab with you! Start off small if you have to. Reach out to brands that aren’t as well known yet. The worst that can happen is they say no. It’s not the end of the world.

All in all, there is so much advice I can give but it would take days.

Thinking that they can never make money from blogging unless they “talk about Pet blogging.”

I want to say, you can do anything you put your mind to!

I write about Pet blogging tips but I provide my information for free. This is not my source of income.

My source of income is partnering with brands & sponsored posts, and some affiliate marketing. At first, I was just receiving free products, which is awesome too! You have to start somewhere. Now I’m starting to make a decent income working with brands!

If beauty & fashion or lifestyle is your niche, it is possible! Don’t give up!!


The most successful people have all started right where you are today! Not knowing how they would ever start making money! They were growing hopeless too. But instead of throwing it all away, they KEPT AT IT. They grew patience. They made sure that money wasn’t their main focus!

If making money is your main focus you will probably never find success in pet blogging because you will become discouraged and you will want to give up. It’s the cold, hard truth! Making money blogging takes time and dedication! Some can make it naturally right off the bat but most of the time, no.

It takes dedication, long sleepless hours, it takes commitment, patience, and a lot of passionate writing. You have to want to blog because you love it! That should be your number one reason! The rest will follow.

Click This Link to Start Your First pet blog with HostGator for only $2.75/mo*

Please don’t get discouraged, it’s possible. “Dreams work only if you do”.. and yes sometimes it seems like it’s too much work but it can pay off one day if you’re passionate and dedicated to your work.

Also if I ever had one tip of advice it’s this:

When it comes to purchasing courses, do your research! There are too many courses out there that are HUGE rip-offs. Please be careful, purchase courses only from those you truly trust. It’s really disheartening when you spend money on something that you could have gotten for free! This also leads me to say, if you look hard enough there is a TON of amazing tips out there that are free.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed info. A pet blog is definitely still worth it! I personally use Pinterest for most of my learning which is a great way to promote the blog. I’m actually just coming off of a 4 year hiatus from blogging and starting up my old blog and a new one! A lot has changed in the last four years though especially the Pinterest algorithm.

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