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Social Media Marketing For Bloggers 2024 | Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by Gagan Dias

 social media marketing for bloggers
Social media marketing for bloggers

Social Media Marketing Tips for Bloggers

This guide has been written to give you a proper overview of the different channels out there. Too many times, I see creators and brands, not making use of the platforms out there. Too many companies and entrepreneurs are still the weakest online.

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They’ve got tremendous knowledge about conventional marketing. But to be honest, they still don’t have a clue how to use social media channels out there. This is the first step that everyone should learn in social media marketing for bloggers.

  1. Twitter
  2. Youtube
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Google Ads
  7. Pinterest
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Meet Up
  10. Medium

This could either be caused by a lack of overview, or they simply don’t know the best parts of each platform, which all contain different audiences and interaction styles-. Now be aware: I’m not stating every brand or company should use every channel.

For instance, state this example I’m managing a dentist’s office. To get him the best results, to drive action. It for me doesn’t make much sense to use Pinterest. Or, at least. I don’t know exactly how to use Pinterest for a dentist’s office in a proper way.

Now, does this mean when you’re in a similar kind of niche, you should lose Pinterest immediately? No, that’s also not the case. If you can come up with an amazing Pinterest strategy in this niche… You could easily gain more ‘authority’ simply cause this platform is been used less for this niche.

While at the same time, if I’m managing a clothing brand or store, Pinterest would be one of my main marketing channels. How I came to all these conclusions is something, I’ll get back to later on in this guide. Cuz’ first I would talk to you a bit about my goal for this guide.

Understanding Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing Channels

My goal for this guide is to provide bloggers with more tips on using old social media marketing strategies and newer social media marketing strategies for blogs. I would like to create more awareness about every one of them, while at the same time, I hope it will bring you more knowledge and insights based on my experience. Also, my main focus is to make you implement at least one extra channel today!

This way, I know you’re a true Dreamchaser. Dreamchasers are action-takers. To implement one of the strategies as soon as you’ve finished this guide.


How to promote blog posts on twitter

Twitter is the loudest platform on all social media marketing channels and one of the most important platforms which help in social media marketing for bloggers. And even if it may not be the best platform to monetize, it’s still pretty useful for brands and creators to use it, and here’s why: First of all can Twitter reduce the marketing costs on other channels pretty drastically and the reason for that is because it’s an incredible platform to rapidly test your creatives.

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

If you’re posting a lot on Facebook and Instagram, chances are you probably will bother your audience. But on Twitter, you don’t have to be afraid to “overpost”.I’ve seen Timothy Ferris (author of the famous book: The 4-hour workweek, and many other bestsellers) posting 5 times in an hour.

You can use Twitter to quickly send in a couple of tweets, different creatives and the ones with the most retweets or hearts are probably the ones that will best work with your audiences. This is a major platform for social media marketing for bloggers.

This way, you save money on Facebook and Google Advertisement campaigns, since you don’t have to use their expensive A/B-testing methods anymore. What we personally suggest to companies about using Twitter is that it’s best to stay in -the sweet spot of sending out 7-9 tweets per day.

As I’ve mentioned before is Twitter not the best platform to monetize but it has -besides the testing part- another huge benefit. Twitter is the first platform in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

An active Twitter account ranks high on Google. So if a potential customer is looking up your name through Google and sees your active Twitter account, that’s a free potential lead! So start implementing those tweets, schedule them upfront make sure you’re reaching out to your audience, and reduce advertising costs at the same time.


youtube markrting for bloggers

YouTube is the first channel I would like to talk about with you. The reason is that many companies are not leveraging YouTube. Which for me is kind of upsetting. Many brands out there still don’t have a clue about how to use YouTube. YouTube plays a major role in the topic of social media marketing for bloggers.

How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business or Blog

TubeBuddy is a certified YouTube SEO tool and a Chrome extension. TubeBuddy connects directly to your YouTube dashboard. You know it’s 100% secure and easy to install because it is YouTube certified.

They don’t value YouTube the way that it should be valued. At this moment I’ve got to be harsh with you: Brands or Creators who don’t have a proper YouTube strategy are honestly stupid. Why? Kids in the range of 6-11 years old. Make more money per year on YouTube than the average HR employee makes within a company. Internet marketing is based on the most popular platforms, such as YouTube.

Now let that sink in for a second…… and then explain again for me, why you as a creator or brand are not leveraging the power of YouTube. YouTube is excellent for your “long-form marketing. ”You can upload videos on this amazing platform, which are even 24 hours long! Now, not every company is interesting enough for a 24-hour, around-the-clock documentary.

But it’s the idea that counts in this case. Even if you take 4 hours, 1-hour, or 30-minute videos you can get your message out there. It’s not that I’m saying here that every video on Youtube should be as long as possible. But this platform is amazing to send out longer -and through video mostly more personal- messages. This helps social media marketing for bloggers.

That’s what I mean by the term “long-form”.The examples I’m saying here are not possible on for instance Twitter or Pinterest. Even on Facebook and Instagram (since the arrival of Instagram TV) it’s a different story. It’s a different style of presenting your content. You can do long-form marketing on Facebook too.

But YouTube simply is the best platform to do so. The reason is simple: People don’t expect to see really long videos on Facebook. On YouTube they’re ready to see the longer types of videos, simply cause the whole platform is made built to do so. Besides YouTube can have incredible side-effect too.

If you embed Youtube videos on your website and landing pages, your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking will increase. It will also increase the level of social media marketing for bloggers.

This of course has to do with the fact YouTube is owned by Google nowadays. So there’s a deep connection between the two Algorithms of these two tech giants. Another great way to implement an amazing YouTube strategy is by providing testimonials. But not testimonials in a way we know.

Testimonials are outdated. Maybe even a bit outplayed. There are even websites out there, where you can buy fake testimonials. The quote: “Fake it ‘till you make it” has never been more realistic nowadays.

So how do you make testimonials which stand out from the crowd? Well, there’s been many, many studies out there which show the power of visualization. Not only visualization but also meditation and why it has such a huge effect on our human brain.

Why am I talking about all these studies and experiments? That’s ‘cuz the conclusion of many of those studies where pretty interesting for us Entrepreneurs.“Our brain can’t make the difference between real and fiction”.That’s the whole idea behind a horror movie for example.

They’ll play with your emotions, and your thoughts, and while doing this, even if you know what’s going to happen on screen at the moment you’ve got to be in ‘shock’ you’ll be, and you’ll be scared. Testimonials that stand out, have to do the same thing. “Fake” the complete customer journey and document it in a series of videos.

This way, potential clients can get the experience, previous clients had before buying your products. My next example will contain a clothing or fashion brand: As a clothing or fashion brand, I’ll hold a contest.

Why a contest? Because as a brand or creator, you can select 5 to 10 people, which will get your product for free. In return, you’ll ask them for their name, email address, and of course in this case their date of birth. It helps to increase the bond between customers and buyers in social media marketing for bloggers.

This will already start a lead-generation campaign, which in the end provides you with many dates of potential clients.

The best people will be invited to the campaign, they’ll get the product for free and in return, they document the complete customer journey for the fashion brand. From ordering in their online store to picking up the package, towards ‘unboxing’ the products. YouTube is the first platform in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

They send their videos to the company and the company uses these videos in their YouTube marketing strategies. If you’re now thinking: but Dave, instead of using real clients you can use influencers too then bear with me. I’ve got a different module prepared for “Influencer marketing”. In fact, I’ve got a specialized module for all of the channels within this guide. But this is a simple overview.


The next platform I would like to talk about is Instagram. Instagram is an amazing platform for social media marketing for bloggers to drive action and show the professionalism of a brand/creator. I follow up on YouTube because of the correlation between Instagram, and Instagram has launched Instagram TV (IGTV).IGTV is kind of similar to YouTube, although we have to mention IGTV is much newer.

Why and How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

The look and feel are “fresh”, and Instagram-ish and more and more brands find their way to the channel. Instagram also plays a big role in social media marketing for bloggers.

But many, many companies are trying to copy their Youtube strategies one-on-one to Youtube which will not work. The audience is different and therefore their behavior. Instagram -just like Facebook- is more of a hybrid model.IGTV is just part of Instagram TV.

It’s not a complete video the only platform like Youtube is. This causes the fact that the time-attention-spawn on Instagram is completely different. So by now, you do understand why copying your Youtube strategy one-on-one to IGTV is not going to work. Instagram is the second platform in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

But that doesn’t mean that IGTV shouldn’t be part of your “omnichannel strategy”. So what DOES work on IGTV? Highlights(!) Of your YouTube videos, of your day, behind the scenes.

You should use IGTV as an extension of your Youtube strategy. But most of all, what I always suggest to our clients is: Keep the content on your IGTV exclusive. This way, people have an extra reason to follow you over there. This will help social media marketing for bloggers.

Now, the topic of Instagram isn’t over as soon as I’ve explained Instagram. Instagram is a hybrid as I’ve mentioned before. This means it contains many features for us Entrepreneurs to leverage upon.

You also have the FEED. The feed is one of the most important elements Instagram has to offer. How to get the most out of the Instagram feed is something that has been discussed for many years already. But here are my thoughts on the Instagram feed. And remember, this is not just me saying.

This is based upon many studies, many, many hours of hard work on different brand strategies, and based upon my own vision. What to post on the Instagram feed should best be described as a showcase.

A showcase to highlight the best work a brand has done so far. As a restaurant owner, I would for example provide simple to-cook homemade dishes. Or I would highlight the best dishes on the menu on the Instagram feed.

Where if I’m a car repair shop, I’ll showcase the most special cars I’ve ever dealt with on the Instagram feed. As you see, I would use the Instagram feed for exclusive (luxury) posts and events. Don’t overdo it! That’s an important lesson I want to give you. Overdoing it, -in a way your pictures look like stock photos- is not going to bring results.

The opposite is actually true. Audiences on Instagram don’t like that. So they’ll either unfollow your account or even worse: report it! This will affect social media marketing for bloggers. This last part will result in a decline in reach which will hurt your Instagram results in the long term. For many, many brands it’s hard to keep up with all the content they need to create for the different platforms.

But at the same time, they do want to see results and growth on their social accounts. So one of the most asked questions I receive is the following one:

“What is the ideal posting frequency on Instagram? ”Well, since Instagram is only showing highlights and you never should “post-just-to-post” most of the time my initial answer is the following: “How many highlights do you have per week? ”Brands and creators look confused but this kind of is the case.

If you don’t have enough highlights to post about during the day, simply don’t post. It’s that easy.

Only post as soon as you have high-quality content. Later on, in these guides and value bombs, I’ll talk to you more about this concept. But for now, since I know there are people out there, who want to hear a number, I would say: Posting 3, high-quality highlights per week on Instagram, combined with a share of knowledge is enough for many companies.

If they’ll start doing this consistently, they should see sustainable growth within no time. But keep in mind, consistency is key on this one. To finish the Instagram topic, I would quickly like to talk about STORIES.

Be aware that stories did not replace Snapchat. Snapchat is still alive and I’ll get back to that one later. But think about Instagram Stories as Snapchat for older people. The audiences on Instagram are more mature, simply ‘cuz many mature people have a Facebook account.

This makes it easy for them, to take the step toward Instagram too. It’s that easy! So use both, if you’re also targeting a young audience. This is one of the tips for successful social media marketing for bloggers.

Now your Instagram stories should contain a personal touch. People love to see the face behind a brand and this exactly is the reason why you should use the story feature. It’s an amazing way to drive direct action, while to content on stories doesn’t even have to be that good.

I’ve seen many coaches over the year, simply place an invitation on the stories, just by text and some of them made easily 5 to 6 figures, with one simple story post. As soon as you’ve built up your audiences these kinds of results are possible to generate for you too! Since we’ve spoken about the major features of Instagram, it’s time to step towards their companion.


Facebook marketing

Now Facebook is an incredible platform in social media marketing for bloggers. Mark Zuckerberg and his team have to build a platform that makes it pretty easy for us Entrepreneurs to drive action. It’s the biggest hybrid social marketing platform out there. The reason why Facebook for us marketers is so powerful is because of all the data the tech giants have about us.

And the way they can be used to hyper-target is insane. To give you an example, I once have been working on a marketing campaign for a restaurant which has only shown to people who were eating in their competitor’s restaurant.

How to Get Started on Facebook to Promote Your Business

Within a limited amount of time -let’s state about three to four months- the competitor almost didn’t have any lunch visitors anymore, since they were all eating at my client’s restaurant.

Now that’s the power of Facebook marketing! Facebook contains the best of all marketing worlds and is a pretty solid platform. It’s good for many things, even though there’s not one specific thing Facebook is truly great at.

But to understand the combination of possibilities Facebook can offer brands, it’s important to talk about each segment separately:

  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Market Place
  • Facebook Offers
  • Facebook Messenger

Even while Facebook has some other options to offer, these are the ones that I currently focus on in this guide. So let’s start by the Facebook Fan Pages. A Facebook Fan Page is the only place for a business to create visibility on their information. Why is that? Because Facebook made a difference between People and Companies. It helps social media marketing for bloggers and to build their brands.

How do I use YouTube ads to grow my business?

People on Facebook have a profile, while Businesses have a Page. Behind every Facebook Business Page, there’s a profile that created this. For many years, Facebook has offered companies a place to reach their potential clients organically through a Fan Page. When you share blog posts on Facebook, it will help with social media marketing for bloggers and SEO.

Last year, Facebook went through a drastic algorithm change that almost broke down the organic reach of a company’s Fan Page to 0. Now it’s much harder to reach your audience through a Facebook Fan Page. But that doesn’t mean a brand doesn’t need one.

To advertise on Facebook, you need a Facebook Fan Page and besides, a Fan Page with many Profiles ‘liking’ the Fan Page, gains trust towards the prospects. Facebook is the fourth platform in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

There are still many ways to improve the organic reach of a Fan Page and I’ll get back to that later in another guide but keep in mind to post: high-quality pictures, and a lot of questions to improve the engagement and provide the most of all true value.

On-the-edge clickbait articles are NOT DONE nowadays! Facebook ADS is a different story. The Facebook Ad platform is one of the easiest ways to push for immediate results. As mentioned before, has the tech-giant many, many data points to connect to its users.

The strategy which I’ve been part of for the restaurant I’ve mentioned before isn’t an exception. The “hyper-target” possibilities Facebook has to offer through its Ad platform are insane. It helps social media marketing for bloggers.

It’s making sure users only see relevant Ads, while Entrepreneurs can show their Ads to interested people. A win-win on both sides right? Since I’ve made different modules on Facebook Ads, I just quickly mentioned it here, before jumping towards Facebook STORIES.

Stories on Facebook are pretty similar to stories on Instagram. Their content doesn’t have to be that great or professional but it has to have a personal touch to it. It helps social media marketing for bloggers. This way, audiences know the “Face” behind the brand.

It allows for personal interactions and some sneaky “behind-the-scene” videos. The next one is going to be the most important of all of the Facebook functionalities in 2020.

Facebook GROUPS. Since the dramatically decreased organic reach on the platform, entrepreneurs started to look for solutions. They’ve found them -of course, what kind of a marketer are we if we didn’t- in Facebook Groups.

The algorithm change, made Entrepreneurs look for communities. Communities on Facebook are groups related to these case companies. Companies that have built groups around their brand still can have a huge organic reach through Facebook.

This all, when Facebook changed the algorithm to show you more friend-related posts and posts from groups you’re in. The dramatic change in the algorithm had to do with the complaints which reached the Facebook offices that people saw way too much-branded content and too less of their friends, family, and relatives.

So Facebook Groups and communities became the next big thing for Entrepreneurs and if you didn’t create one yet, it’s time you do so now! Facebook Market Place is a big player nowadays for entrepreneurs in the eCommerce niche. It really helps with social media marketing for bloggers.

Market Place by Facebook is designed for people to quickly sell their products. Products that have been used and have been replaced by one owner, could change hands with the new owner in exchange for money.

But with the introduction of Market Place, many entrepreneurs saw their chance. They started to sell products to market place too and nowadays many entrepreneurs have been using this platform to get their products to their end consumers.

On the other hand, for non-eCommerce ‘brick and mortar’ stores, Facebook has introduced offers in the last couple of years.

Facebook OFFERS are an amazing way to track marketing results in-store. An offer on Facebook works pretty simply, the Entrepreneur can create an offer.

Their prospects can claim the offer on their end. Goes to the store, shows the coupon/offer they want to claim, and leaves the store again. The customer is happy, the Store owner is happy, and most of all: The marketer is happy too! Since the marketer can now much easier track the results of the online marketing results store!

The last part about Facebook which I would like to quickly discuss is MESSENGER. Facebook Messenger is amazing to drive direct interaction between brands and their brand ambassadors a.k.a. clients.

Later on, I’ll do a separate module on messenger, messenger bots, and how this can increase results tremendously but for now, I simply want to tell you: Don’t miss out on the opportunity Facebook Messenger Marketing has to offer you, it is an opportunity of social media marketing to grow your blog.


How To Use Email Marketing To Promote Your Business

Email marketing simply is the lifeblood of a business. What do I mean by that? The body needs blood running through its veins to survive. The same goes for the brand or company. Their blood is their email list. Email lists are data that the company actually “owns”.I’ve seen companies going out of business, but since they had a huge email marketing list, it took them one email to get back on track in the same niche market.

That’s the true power behind email marketing. The data is the companies’ own, while at the same time, audiences love it to be on their email lists since brands and creators are providing value through their email campaigns. Email marketing is the fifth method in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

As soon s this part has been managed in the correct way, there’s no reason for the company to fail anymore. So get your email marketing campaigns up and ready, start giving away amazing lead generation offers and claim the name and email addresses of your prospects.

Where email lists are the blood of the business, Google Ads should be seen as the engine. Ads on Google are those little small banners on the top and side as soon as you’ve searched for something on the search engine. Using Google ads is the most powerful way of social media marketing for bloggers.

You can also see some small banners on third-party websites and all of these are running through the Google Network. The reason I mentioned this is the engine of the business is simply ’cause there are so many searches a day. Back in the day, when I was a high-school drop-out I already started to learn about Google, in terms of SEO and SEA (search engine advertisement).

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business or Blog

The Google Ads platform back then was about 4 years old or something. The ads were terrible looking and really badly written too. That’s where I came in, little did I know that over the next 12+ years, stepping up in this game would completely change my life forever.

Now, of course, strategies since then have changed a lot. But the fundamental part stayed the same. The end result of all of this? I’ve worked with over 47+ brands on their Google strategies -including some 5/6/7 figure brands- to improve their overall Return On Investment (ROI) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Since Google Ads are such a huge part of the channels, I’ll not dive deeper into those in this lesson. You need to learn these things when learning social media marketing for bloggers. Google ads are the sixth method in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

But I’ll definitely come back to explain to you all I know about Ad Sense, Adwords, Display and Banner Ads, and Dynamic Retargeting through the Google Platform).


How to make money with Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform for creative people, from creative people and the idea is to “pin” ideas to your mind. Multiple companies I know have amazing running strategies but still don’t implement Pinterest in this strategy. Which is actually ridiculous because of its potential. Pinterest is a great social media platform to help bloggers on the topic of social media marketing for bloggers like you by increasing your free traffic.

How to use Pinterest to promote your business

There are a huge market and audience out there and especially if you’re active within a niche market you can’t miss out on the opportunity this platform has to offer. Nowadays more and more companies find it’s the way toward Pinterest but as mentioned before in many niches it’s still not used.

This could bring you a huge, but then again a huge boost compared to your competitors. Competitors who probably didn’t tap into this incredible market yet. Using Pinterest in the correct way isn’t that hard either. Pinterest is the seventh platform in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

If you decide to use it, make sure you highlight your knowledge in a professional way. Use amazing creatives and drive traffic to relevant blog posts, live videos, offers, and more. It offers entrepreneurs a great way to showcase their lists of content, graphs, and many other options which I’ll zoom in to in another guide. For now, just ask yourself why you’re not on Pinterest yet and if you are: how can you improve the results?


How to Use LinkedIn for Business: A Step-by-Step Guide for Marketers

Actually, I’m going, to be honest with you: I truly was in doubt if I was going to mention LinkedIn in this guide or not. But then again, I tried to make a complete list with all the channels and their perks. So LinkedIn had to be included too. Especially since so many marketers are using LinkedIn the wrong way. This affects the social media marketing for bloggers.

How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business

You don’t want to know, how many “first-contact pitches” I’ve received to this platform. Which is not what this platform is meant to do at all.LinkedIn is an amazing place to increase your network. To get in touch with other relevant business partners to grow businesses together. Showcase your knowledge, your enlightenments and most of all reach out to people in a genuine way.

How can LinkedIn be used as a marketing tool?

First-time pitches will only get you a bad name and even seems a little bit desperate, to be honest. Build up your audiences, Gain a more influential network, and take the whole network experience online. But keep in mind, that the most rules which are active “offline” for networking, counts online too. LinkedIn is the eighth platform in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

Another tip I would like to give you in this guide is to immediately start a group on LinkedIn too, just like the one on Facebook. But this group only contains potential partners. Make sure the groups are niche related in order to grow them in a quicker way.

As mentioned already, focus totally on providing value to potential partners, focus on sharing your knowledge, and in the end, you’ll be rewarded. An omnichannel marketing strategy without LinkedIn is simply doomed to “fail”.


The Importance of Meet-up in Growing Your Business

Meet-up is something that I describe as a forgotten Social Network in social media marketing for bloggers. Which is actually kind of strange. Meet-up is one of the largest communities online, where people meet which each other offline. Still, get it? Meet-up let’s see different events happening in your local area.

This way, you can attend there, meet interesting people and expand your network. But here it comes. Meet-up comes on a subscription-based model and I immediately suggest you’ll take their subscription right now.

As soon as you’ve paid for your subscription you can start groups and events yourself. Once again, try to come up with as many niche related groups as you can in order to grow them as quickly as possible. Meet up is the ninth method in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

Start hosting your events as soon as you feel you’re ready. The reason I’m telling you to do this is because of the following: In my opinion, there’s no better way to work on your “authority status” as withholding live events. Meet-Up is your one-stop-place to:

  • Face to Face networking
  • Easily increase your authority status
  • Drive action in local area’s
  • Create niche groups to segmentate audiences
  • Now, go out there and start your meet-up groups. If you’re a true Dreamchaser, by next week you’ve organized your next live event!


Why and How to Use Medium to Promote Your Business

I’m not going to deep-dive too much into medium right now. But bloggers all around the world are using it to showcase their knowledge about certain topics. As soon as you start to get some traction on your Medium blogs, you’ll be easily seen as an expert within your market and your follower base automatically starts to grow. Medium is the tenth method in our guide to using social media marketing for bloggers.

Now, be aware that I’m not saying you don’t need a website with a blog anymore as soon as you’re using Medium -it still is important to have a site including a blog too, to increase your SEO ranking-But, Medium does indeed replace the traditional blog for many brand owners. Media is one of the most popular blogging platforms and helps social media marketing for bloggers.


As you see all of these channels have a different audience, a different way of speaking, and interaction with them, and most of all; there’s still a lot of possibilities out there to gain awareness around your brand.

This is called social media marketing for bloggers. Business information management and social media marketing are the most valuable things you should learn when you start your business. You can use Elementor to design your blog more professionally and include social media links. You can get it for free here. Share your posts on social media, that is the basic step of social media marketing for bloggers.

social media marketing

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