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ClickFunnels Review 2022: My Personal Journey With Sales Funnels

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Gagan Dias

Clickfunnels honest review
Honest Clickfunnels Review

ClickFunnels Review

Learn how to generate more traffic, leads, and sales into your online business by applying the founding principles of direct marketing, from the $100M entrepreneur and author of DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

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Traffic Secrets

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A great book for entrepreneurs at all levels. Russell Brunson teaches how to generate traffic in a user-friendly and fun way in this book. Since the book is free, there is no excuse not to read it either.


ClickFunnels is great for all kinds of things! You can use so many different templates available in the software or you can start from scratch and create your own thing.  it’s by far the easiest and most profitable! You don’t need coding or photoshop. You can do split tests to see which version of your page is performing better. Email follow-up sequences. There’s a cookbook to help you figure out what funnel is the best fit for your goal.

You can build membership sites and courses. Easy to use. Can accomplish about 90% of your sales and lead generation needs and great customer support.

Clickfunnels was built for funnels… making it easy to create funnels and that’s all. I’ve seen some successful blogs and websites built on Clickfunnels (in fact I made one for a client) but having your website on WordPress gives you WINGS to fly. Clickfunnels offers great conceptual marketing learning and the funnel builder secrets course is great. Clickfunnels is PERFECTLY acceptable for a membership site. It does lack the bells and whistles of other platforms,

Get the $97 version of Clickfunnels. Keep it with Convertkit. The main bonus of Clickfunnels is the ability to create sales funnels that majorly increase cart value when you add order bumps and one time Upsells. It also has a super sexy power editor with bells and whistles a lot of landing page builders don’t have.

The learning curve will be steep so just be ready. But it’s the best sales funnel builder out there!

Website = your digital business card.
Clickfunnels = actually sells your stuff.
That’s the easiest way to put it.

As a former web developer who has been in marketing for over 10 years, I can honestly say Clickfunnels is the best marketing tool I’ve ever used. And if/when you understand the funnel strategy, a funnel will help you sell more at higher prices.

But it is a bit more complex than the Clickfunnels sales video makes it sound. Knowing what kind of funnel to build, what copy to put on each page, what to say in your videos and emails… that’s what I’m referring to when I say funnel strategy.

As amazing as funnels and ClickFunnels are, don’t jump in unless you have some guidance on what to do next. But at $97 package you need a convert kit for email, optimization effort, and analytics, the membership site part is to be replaced I think coz it is buggy.

So… I am looking for some real live warts and all reviews here. I know we are all affiliates of one or another but any advice is appreciated.

But 9 times out of 10, I tell my clients to focus on their funnel before a website. Because a funnel will make them more sales than a website ever will. However, what’s best for you will have a bit more to do with what you’re selling and how much you know about marketing right now.


You can use ClickFunnels for your website. No, it is not recommended. Clickfunnels is a great tool but it has its limitations. If you have a WordPress website, you have full control over it. You can place your lead magnets on the homepage or create a separate page and place it in the menu bar with all your lead magnets or whatever you wanna do.

you can use ClickFunnels for courses. It’s really easy for small courses, but if you have lots of content or lots of courses, I would stick with something like Teachable.

Teachable hosts the content, so you can directly upload. ClickFunnels does not. You would have to hold the material elsewhere like Dropbox and link it to it in ClickFunnels.
That’s one main difference.

I, myself, have a course in ClickFunnels and it works well, but if I were to have lots of courses, something like Teachable that was built to focus on courses is a good choice. ClickFunnels is amazing for sales funnels to sell those courses!

ClickFunnels is a more all-in-one solution. It can make landing pages, take payment, create memberships, and more. I think that ClickFunnels is worth it for the extra features and integrations.

I build sales funnels for clients and I’m always disappointed when they want to use Leadpages because I know that it won’t live up to its potential.

Clickfunnels is great and I recommend you order his funnel hacker black box as it includes all of his books. But for a new blogger starting out, I think there are other options available.

Clickfunnels will cost you a minimum of 97$- 297$/per month. People are drawn in by their 14-day trial, and then once you are set up, then they show you the price.

I have always found that “hiding” your prices is a low integrity tactic. I would look at various alternatives and make sure you are not buying more than you need. I personally use Convertri, but there are many tools available.

Also, read more than 1 funnels article as most of them are an affiliate funnel to sell you their “preferred choice” There are many choices under $100/month that probably offer more than you need such as Thrive themes.

Other options,

  • Get Response
  • Instapage
  • Thrivethemes/Thrive Architect
  • Leadpages
  • Unbounce
  • and many more……

In Russell’s new book “Traffic Secrets” he shares the same strategies he used to take Clickfunnels from zero to over $100,000,000 in revenue in just 3 years. ⁣⁣No matter what platform you use…⁣⁣ Click the link to get your FREE copy of Traffic Secrets now.

These products range in price and features, so get clear on what you need before choosing. It’s easy to get wrapped up in their marketing pitches of making funnel riches, and maybe you become a success story, but ask yourself, if weren’t making thousands of dollars a month, at least not at first, would you be okay with this monthly cost and do you need all the features.

More expensive is fine, just remember you need to make that back and more every month to make it a sustainable business.

 If you are using ClickFunnels, you can embed the YouTube Live video on a page there and have more control of the way it looks. You’ll have to add chat like chat roll or chatting, both have free options. 

You can certainly use ClickFunnels for your blog as well, it’s just not as user-friendly as WordPress.

Do you have Actionetics with your ClickFunnels account? If so, you can do all your options and email marketing with ClickFunnels as well as sales pages, order forms, membership pages, and more.

You can Join with Clickfunnels as an affiliate

So many people want to start an online business but have no idea what to sell. Right now, there are 27.9 MILLION registered businesses in the United States. Clickfunnels has 57,000 users. Let’s do some math.

27,843,000 businesses JUST in the US still need to hear/use/buy into Clickfunnels.

If you’ve ever thought “Well if only I had a great idea that could change the world…” or “I can’t come up with a great idea…” yes you can.

You can easily sell Clickfunnels to one of the millions of small businesses that have not yet identified how to use Funnels for their businesses

You learn funnels and marketing in the process.
You make passive revenue.
You just might come up with a business idea of your own along the way.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of being a Clickfunnels affiliate, it’s a free perk to all my followers who sign up for Clickfunnels.

Big changes to the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program! Everyone has to re-apply, and they are going to request people to earn at least $100 in commissions by Halloween in order to stay active. UPDATED: I think the 40% commission is reserved for those who get at least 40 users. I’m going to re-listen to life and report back for sure, but I think there’s now tiers…

20% when you join ClickFunnels .

30% once you make $100.

40% once you have 40 users.

ClickFunnels 30 Day Free Trial – Free $297 Plan Claim Right Now

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42 thoughts on “ClickFunnels Review 2022: My Personal Journey With Sales Funnels”

  1. I have considered Clickfunnels for quite some time but the turn-off is the pricing, so to save cost, I string my funnel together myself using different 3rd party plugins in WordPress but now I am really considering switching to Clickfunnels. Thanks for this piece, it was well detailed.

  2. I use ClickFunnels every day for my own business and my clients’ businesses. It’s a great tool for quickly building out lead generation and sales funnels without needing to code anything.

  3. I like the fact I can automate processes through Click Funnel where my business stays top of mind without me having to do something. Click funnels allow me to make money literally while I sleep. I have it integrated with slack so when there is a purchase I get a message to know something was purchased through the click Funnel.

  4. ClickFunnels helps us market, sell, and deliver our products online. It is easy to create a marketing and sales funnel from the ground up to bring people in through a series of specific pages, and then turn those people into valuable conversions for our business.

  5. I use it to market my business services. It allows me to generate and track leads as they go through my system. I send out emails to prospects to “funnel” them into the top of my system and then move them through that funnel to eventually make the purchase I want.

  6. Rakuten is one of the best companies with excellent customer service. They fixed on issue I had and on top of fixing my issue they honored all of my points and some. The best of the best. Rakuten!

  7. We are exploring the concept of sales funnels and conducting several trials. ClickFunnels came well recommended, so we decided to give it a try. The free trial came in very handy.

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