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Best Finance Tools for Small Business Owners 2024

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Gagan Dias

I’m a big fan of using all the tools and technology out there to help me reach my financial goals, so why not let the app do the work for you, here’s a list of my favorite tools to help you smash your money goals.

Best Finance Tools for Small Business

1. A Budget

A budget is the number one thing when trying to get ahead with money a budget is definitely a non-negotiable, if you don’t have one it’s like trying to swim through custard you can make some progress but you won’t get far but it doesn’t matter you have a budget complete on paper Whether you want to or want to use a spreadsheet, the important thing is to have one and record everything on it.

Your budget should include everything you need to come up with and exactly what you intend to do. Last penny. I recommend doing a full budget at least once a month.

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But completing a weekly check-in to make sure you’re still on track, two printable budget sheets where you can make any adjustments, and a downloadable spreadsheet to help you get started, links are in the description.

2. Income Trackers

Two income trackers This is a great motivational tool for me, I use an income tracker to record all the money that comes into my hand when I have multiple aspects on my way this is a great way to record and track your progress. Realize how successful you have been in the past month or so and this will motivate you to push for more success in the next month.

3. Automatic Savings

Number Three Automatic Savings After you create a budget you will hopefully know how much money you are saving per month and you will make that payment into your savings account once a month without any effort, an additional trick is to move it to an account where it is a little trickier to withdraw, So it’s difficult for you to access that money where you may have more than one savings account with different withdrawal limits, so it’s really difficult to get the total and some are easy.

4. Cashback Sites

Four-digit cashback sites like Quidco and top cashback have had cashback signs for a long time now, and if you don’t use them yet, you’re leaving money on the table when you have to spend money, and you can spend as little as possible.

Finally get the same product quid co has a chrome extension that when you do a google search will tell you how much cashback you can get through that retailer, making it all very simple.

5. Banking and Budgeting Apps

Five banking and budgeting apps These days almost all banks have a dedicated app and some of the best banks are now just apps like Munoz and starling watch this video for comparison and more information on your phone allows you to easily track.

Spending and making transfers and payments with just a few clicks, there are even apps like Snoop that read your bank accounts and analyze your spending, help you spot bad habits, and allow you to budget to stay on target for the month. You will be able to briefly categorize your expenses for further analysis.

6. Savings Apps

Six Savings Apps That Are Great for Making Small But Steady Additions to Your Savings Ways You Can Save Roundup Most of us have heard before, but how about saving automatically every time it rains, or some other creative and fun way to make those payments go out?

You should barely notice and the amount should grow gradually so check them once a month to see how they are doing and add the total to your savings pot why not throw in everything you can as you set your goals because you wanted to achieve them? These tools are there to help you use them.

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