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7 Best Shopify Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Gagan Dias

Best Shopify Alternatives & Competitors
Best Shopify Alternatives & Competitors

Top 7 Shopify Alternatives

I know a lot of people who have made tons of money with this e-commerce and I feel like you probably know or at least I’ve heard of a lot of people who have made money selling things but then you go to watch this video for one reason or another So you’ve decided to start it to find it yourself because you’ve realized that Shopify is a popular way to sell things online.

And if you started to join it, you may have realized that there is a critical flaw, you are not making money or creating your online store or whatever the next step is, if some organization is holding you back, Shopify is for you, this video is exactly what I am. Talking about the top options for shopping from our experience and among them can be from different.

You can picture a variety of products in your head that you need clarification on one when I say that because they have different resolutions.

It doesn’t matter what this video can be We’re talking about the big four options to Shopify can guarantee you can stay for the whole video for ratings that have gone for such ratings because all the devices are completely different you’re Depending on what the requirements are you have- this will help the business succeed, let’s go to the first students to get information.

This is just a non-specific blanket general recommendation. No, but I want to sell things online, without knowing any other information, what should I use my advice? Big-commerce is a very easy recommendation because they offer and distribute Shopify requirements for a plastic one, but they change it slightly.

It’s a very convenient option Shopify is something we recommend and between Ben and jerry’s camelback skull candy Gillette and Harvard business is something that believes in publishing by many major brands.

1. Wix

And let’s start with the first platform on my list Wix is a famous website builder Wix also offers a great e-commerce platform for beginners who want to run small stores and it’s very easy especially if you are not very into technology.

Thanks to their drag-and-drop editor for building their website, they offer more e-commerce templates than the other platforms I’m going to mention in this article. A basic website is free on Wix, but you have to pay if you want to access its e-commerce features. Wix would be a good option if you are just starting an e-commerce business and don’t plan to sell many products if you are looking for an easy plug-and-play option and you want to try Wix.

2. Squarespace

If you don’t have a big budget Squarespace like Wix or Squarespace, which has a drag and drop functionality that doesn’t require many technical skills, you should consider using Squarespace even though Squarespace wasn’t originally built for e-commerce, but they have high-quality templates if your online store is your main business.

If not, for example, if your band needs a website to sell integration through an online store Squarespace is designed to build beautiful websites and cannot offer many of the e-commerce features it has. Limited long catalog and limited payment options for an online store You can start your small store with a business plan of $23 per month if you pay annually.

You know that many things are built in the original square. , so you don’t have to worry about setting up different things like SSL and you can connect your domain to Squarespace very easily, and like I said Squarespace is for influencers, and like I said you can host it here.

The RSS feed can be in Squarespace itself and I have a tutorial on how to do that, you can have blogs here, and you can create anything you want on a regular website from Squarespace.

3. Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento)

Adobe Commerce formerly Magento magenta is a powerful platform designed specifically for e-commerce that comes with a steep learning curve and comes with every e-commerce feature you can think of, from live search to sophisticated product recommendations, launched in 2008. Adobe acquired it in 2018.

Magento is fully customizable but it is very technically complex and not very user-friendly, so you will need to hire a developer to work with it and you need to place a request on the website to get pricing options. It’s a clear sign that it’s an enterprise solution.

4. Big Cartel

Big Cartel Big Cartel is a popular UK e-commerce platform designed for the types of businesses you’d expect to see on Etsy Big Cartel, but with enough features or integrated apps for an e-commerce store and you want to scale your business.

There are no features, you can put the first five products for free and after that, the price is determined by the number of products you sell. It can be very expensive as your business and product collection grows, you can upload a maximum of 500 products and you have to do it manually, you can’t automatically import them You have five images for each of your products which was a bit limiting.

5. Zyro

zyro is a fairly new e-commerce platform built specifically for small e-commerce stores that are easy to learn and affordable starting at $3.99 per month, with a low barrier to entry both in terms of price and lack of a learning curve.

Not much to sell to start with and xyro is still a relatively new platform so many of the tools you’d expect to see in a more mature e-commerce builder are missing At the moment I’d say wanting to try e-commerce and grow the business and invest in a more expensive platform Xero is ideal for people who are still unsure about what to do.

In my opinion, is a very doable one, you see the company is using a big brand name but you have one product listed you can start very small and it is still a good way to start in the e-commerce world, big commerce company is another big advantage.

Search engine optimization is the SEO tools they have to help you rank in Google and the new technology searchable product found your store buy it is just one of the many features that big commerce does really well and better yet we have a full tutorial. 

6. WooCommerce

You can check out our site tutorial below and get started in the next hour and a half and by the end of this afternoon you can easily have a site ready to go, now the next two numbers this is a little more true if you don’t like shopping around, it’s limited If you find yourself doing it if you find the fees are high if you find it too expensive if you find yourself limiting yourself from blog posts.

It limits the progress you have or can make and given Shopify has a lot of those apps and popularity but really the winner right now is WooCommerce is now WooCommerce there’s a list on the list I’m going to go through these, owned WooCommerce wordpress publishing and wordpress powers over a third of the internet you’ve heard of Tons of websites out there are using WordPress.

When you build a WordPress website, you have tons of versatility that cater to a great deal of customizing your website. 

Of course, we have a full tutorial on this, if you’d like, I’ll link it below, but again highlight the real benefits of WooCommerce, firstly it’s a free plugin rather than anything that costs you major money.

The third thing is the versatility of WordPress where you can do anything you want and you can choose your own domain hosting from anywhere you want and host it with anyone you want. If you sell in other countries, you can find a host with better load speed and servers all over the world, of course, the options and benefits here are really endless, so I can do a whole video comparing WooCommerce to your shopping.

Guys, if you want to know more about it, leave a comment below, I will definitely make a complete comparison here, then the simple option with Shopify is number three.

There are actually two springs to this. Looking to create an online store but don’t want to go through the complexity of creating a large store Sometimes you only have one or two products to sell and you want to make it as simple as possible or the second reason you might want.

If you want to sell things online, but maybe that’s not your main goal, maybe you want to be like a podcast, but if you want to be like a merch store, maybe you’re an influencer, and you want to get a merch store online. Way brings you to Squarespace and it’s going to be, it’s our number three choice, I’d say the easiest of all, you know where you set up your site, you’ve got tons of great templates and you know all this and it’s done.

It’s like a Big commercial here. A good option would be, and that brings us to the fourth option for shopping on this list, which is actually online square, now we chose online square for two different reasons.

I know it’s free I said before that woo-commerce is free and it’s free in wordpress but further you understand you have to pay for the domain and you have to pay for hosting, they are very cheap, and woo commerce is a big scalable platform, Square now has a completely free option so you have to pay something.

We’ll talk more about that in a second, but the second reason we chose type one on this list is if you’re a physical retailer if you sell things in person, but you want to sell things online, and you want a good hybrid. And your all-in-one payment service.

All your inventory is tracked in one service so a square is a good option here, you may have heard of the square as a small credit card reader, especially after this pandemic many people need them everywhere.

It’s a very popular way to do it and it’s a great way to sell anything you want in person or online. As I said there are free and paid plans. If it likes you it will like you. Resell large quantities of large items.

7. BigCommerce

Another popular e-commerce platform is Big-commerce e-commerce is primarily designed for building an online store and especially for enterprise-level companies Big-commerce has a lot of good built-in features and many options for customization, also you need to have coding skills No.

Build your online store Big-commerce is a very powerful platform but that means it can be kind of complicated and inflexible, for example, it doesn’t offer many templates and although it’s easy to edit the design of your website it’s not as customizable as Wix.

Squarespace not only that but surprisingly commerce has less integration than other platforms, with this platform you have to remember their sales limits, if you exceed your sales limit they charge additional fees, so pricing is based on annual sales The cheapest plan is available at $29.95 monthly and you can get a discount of 10 by signing up a year in advance.

If you don’t know how many things you are going to sell in a month, square online can be a good way to start like I said very low overhead you can start selling things and things will start to go up over time. Your plan and those fees can be reduced to a very low fee, so guys, like I said the alternative to Shopify is Shopify, it’s very powerful and we’ve used it in the past, but there are many reasons why these alternatives are needed.

Recap big commerce is really one-for-one shopping, it does almost everything Shopify believes in its main brands, in fact, big commerce is one we’ve used in the past and we’d like to use the latter to build this using WordPress. The free plugin woocommerce that you can get unlimited offers with tons of options with its flexibility and how you want to customize your website, the third is the easiest way to do this if you are an influencer.

Making a visible or juice small storage square is really a good choice and of course, if you are on a budget or you are an online physical retailer, all of these will be a good choice for you.


So let’s draw conclusions and talk about the advantages of each platform one more time. Wix is A highly customizable platform for small online stores with less than 100 products Squarespace is The best choice for beautiful designs and niche markets. Bigcommerce is the best e- for an existing WordPress site WooCommerce.

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Best commerce platform to add a shopping cart Adobe Commerce is Best for businesses with PHP programming experience. Big Cartel is a great option for creative people who value simplicity and don’t need many advanced features.

For beginners and those who want to experiment with e-commerce, we talked about seven e-commerce platforms that you can use as an alternative to Shopify and compared them based on their prices, available tools, and features.

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