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Teachable Review 2023 – Is Teachable the Best Place to Launch a Course?

Last Updated on March 12, 2023 by Gagan Dias

Teachable Review

Intro: Teachable Review

Welcome to my review of Teachable for this year, in this article I want to go over some of the pros and cons of Teachable and help you figure out whether or not it’s the right place for you to launch your course now.

One of the cool things about Teachable is that you can actually sign up for a free 14-day trial. If you want to check it anytime while reading this post, click the link below. You’re welcome to use it yourself, but what I’m going to do in this essay is explain what makes Teachable appealing to me.

Some things you’ll want to look out for as you use Teachable as a selling point for your course, so let’s get to the review.

Teachable Ease of Use

The first thing I want to discuss is teachable ease of use, and I think this is incredibly essential as not everyone is particularly tech-savvy, even course creators who are generally good at something like painting. Maybe you’re great at basketball or something because you know paint, but maybe you’re not really good at web design and web development, and they have a package for everyone and a course that looks nice. Those are the things that a grown-up can teach.

It’s very simplified to be able to create and create an amazing-looking landing page and sales page and I think that’s it. One of the best things it can teach is that they have a complete package, so rather than you know five different services to create your own online course, say you can have a landing page and you can use something like that.

Lead pages of the past to create a teachable landing page You can also create your own landing page on the sales page, or you may want to get a checkout page with something like smart, a teachable that they’ve got themselves.

There’s also a checkout page built in and you can even do things like upsell, which we’ll talk about a little later in the review, but really it’s very easy to simply sign up to teach and get them. A very good pricing plan it’s not too expensive, it’s around 29 a month for their basic package, but with that, you get different things, you’ve got those landing pages and sales pages, and you have the ability to upload different courses as you want.

You can upload videos, you can have text lectures, you can have quizzes, you can upload different coding if that’s the kind of thing you’re into, but it’s really simple for anyone to have a complete package of landing page courseware that pretty much has everything you need.

Teachable Customizability

But it’s very customizable and that’s another thing I really like about how the tutoring system works when I first started using tutoring, which was about four or five years ago and their customization wasn’t great.

You know a really good basic product to be able to upload videos to the actual course but if you want to get big sales then having a good sales page is a key part of any kind of course. They’ve really improved in their latest version so they’ve now allowed you to have different parts with the sales page, so rather than having a basic kind of sales page you know, you can have this right here and then you can have this.

Now you can There are 10 or 12 different customizable modules that can be had and they’re really cool, so I’m going to show you here a quick overview tutorial of something I created earlier. You’ll see that you can create a sales page, you can create a video, which I highly recommend to pretty much everyone in a course.

It’s really a great way to personalize it so you can build your curriculum beautifully because then people can see exactly what’s in the course and you can have these grid options and you can move images left and right. Even things can be changed here which is a bit difficult, but you can change things like gutter width between images and text, and you can change width and colors and background colors anyway.

I’m a bit of a designer lot, especially their new sales pages I’m very impressed with how customizable teach without is a win, you can customize the checkout page and the thank you page, so what’s the c? What’s a Checkout Page and a Thank You Page Well, the checkout page is essentially what you click on after you say OK.

Enter your address and stuff like that and there are a couple of things you can do with the checkout page, for example, you can add testimonials so you can have two or three different testimonials from people who bought your course and you can add them.

There’s a little image there and you can add some bullet points now like I said at the beginning of this review I’m going to go for some pros but also some cons so I don’t know that I’m completely positive about what you can learn different uh evidence you know and you Just being able to add a few different bullets points that I know I’d like to customize the checkout page a little bit more to be able to add video on the checkout page actually kind of you know in terms of why people should check out and buy the course.

Teachable Checkout Page

But overall the checkout page works really well and it’s very easy for people to sign up you want them to enter their credit card information usually you want them to do and you want them to feel like it’s a safe kind of checkout.

And that’s really nice, they also have the ability to have a thank you page, and again this can be a little weird, you know the sales page checkout page thank you page well essentially what a thank you page is where you can thank people for buying your course and, they can give them information on what to do next, and it can be you log in and start the course but you can upsell with what can be taught and this is what I want.

Talk about next, a very good feature that you can teach and if you don’t know what upsell is, they’re widely used in the world like online marketing and let me be the best way to be kind if you go to McDonald’s you know what it is and you know You know what they usually ask you that you’re buying a burger is do you want fries with it.

So it’s kind of a step up, so what you can do with your course is say well ‘The main course is bought for a hundred dollars, would you like this The e-book is twenty bucks and you’ll increase the value of each customer’s total order to 120 so uh teachable method it’s really a good method and a little something you know that’s pretty sweet.

Teachable Coupons

Because if someone has already purchased the course, they’ve already entered their credit card information, if they see your upsell for that ebook for 20 and they say yes I want this, they’re automatically charged, so they don’t have to put credit card details again, so this is a really good feature that they can teach, and yes definitely I recommend that you can also put coupons that you can teach, that’s a really good feature and that’s every payment plan or pricing plan.

I think Teachable allows you to coupon, which allows you to entice people with different coupons, so say Black Friday, you have a 50% off sale on your courses, you can just create a Black Friday coupon. Let people get 50 off by doing it on the checkout page, but that’s also fine if you want to say you know, give a discount like 10 off, but maybe say the discount is from Instagram or youtube, this is really where people are coming from when they buy your course.

A good way to find out is and this can work with affiliates as well, so let’s say you have an affiliate that you want to work with just say their name, and the affiliate will be Chris or something like Chris 10, and then they get 10 of that, And don’t get too confused right now tracking what your best-performing affiliates are is a really good way, but can be taught and now it has affiliates on different pricing plans, but essentially with affiliates if you don’t know what an affiliate is, it’s for you to other people.

It’s an affordable way to promote your course and then get a small commission if they get a sale.

Teachable Drip

One of my favorite features on Teachable Now and one that I highly recommend for everyone to use is the drip function. This is relatively new with Teachable Now but for me, this is one of the biggest features of Teachable and I think it helps students but also a creator.

So again if you don’t know what Drip is, it’s essentially a way for you to exclude content, so rather than you know you have your course, let’s say you have a hundred different lectures, or let’s say ‘yeah with Drip there are 100 different lectures that you want.

Content can be pulled out at a time, so rather than all your content going out straight away you can say okay I want these 10 lectures to come out the first week and then the next 10 to come out the second week, and then the next 10 to come out the third week and this allows you to, It’s about getting your students through the information slowly rather than overwhelming them with all this content.

When I’ve created courses, if you have too much content, too many different things, some people will do the whole course in one day, and then they won’t come back to the course.

And then what you find I usually am they don’t get the information as well as they should so you know there’s usually a whole term or a whole semester in school rather than giving it to you or the other thing in two days, different videos that people want to sit through.

If there’s a hundred, maybe they’ll find that a bit overwhelming and if they’re looking to go at their own pace, I’d recommend breaking it down really into content like ah you know a week and then two weeks and then three weeks and eight weeks depending on what you want.

And the other cool feature about this and something that I recommend to my students is that you zero in on the content and you say, for eight weeks you can launch your course without completing it, so you have four weeks worth of content. Just saying, what I recommend is that you still launch your course but then take it off so you have four more weeks to get that content, zero content that allows you to do that.

Teachable Competitors

So if you want to check them out I’ll talk quickly about a number of different competitors that I can teach, I’ll try and put links in the description box below but in general, I recommend teaching if you don’t have specific requests, if there’s a few different big players, there’s Kajabi, which is very similar to teachable, but is usually used for a higher ticket category, as it is quite expensive and may have a plan for 29 as teachable.

39 Kajab is in the range of a hundred dollars a month you know, and they have a fully integrated solution and you can create your own website and you can have all that email and stuff like that, but in general, I think Kajabi works for some people. , but think what most people can teach works, there is also a very similar mindset, but again all this is quite a bit more expensive than teaching.

Have thought about launching your course udemy and udemy is really good but the problem with udemy is that they usually take a big cut from your payment so if you go to udemy you know you will see people launching their course for 100 or 200 but usually much more from udemy.

The sales come when they have an online sale, so what udemy does is discount all the courses to say nine dollars or fifteen dollars and you can imagine if a course sells for two hundred dollars and then it sells for fifteen dollars you’re not making as much as you really want, so udemy is big with that. A cut has been made because they can teach your course, and you’re pretty much on your own to promote your own course.

Teachable Emails

Now quickly before I touch on Kajabi and say that they have a fully integrated solution, I wanted to mention that there is email that can be taught and it’s very sweet, so I don’t know about you but if you know different things like mailerlite or mailchimp or convertkit If you ever look for email providers, you’ll find that it gets expensive relatively quickly, and the great thing about teaching is, of course, that you have an integrated kind of system where you can contact them.

You’ve taken your course and message them or email them and get into their inbox, so this is relatively basic in terms of their functionality but you know the different templates you can do and it’s a really good way to engage people.

Say your course was a free course, you can tell them about your new course, or if they’re a paying member you can tell them about different things so they have some functionality actually the email is really sweet because you’ve never had a translation kit or If you look at something like MailChimp, you can see that the price goes up very quickly when you get thousands or tens of thousands of people on your mailing list.

Teachable Pricing

Very quickly I want to talk about pricing and this may sound a bit boring but it’s really important because there are different pricing plans that can be taught and as someone with a lot of experience in this I want to help you choose the right plan now.

A lot of people go for the cheapest plan and I can understand that, but usually, if you go to a teachable level you’ll actually save money if you go to the other plan, so let’s take a quick look here you can see that 29 a month is their basic plan and I’m very As people have said, if you haven’t sold any courses before you get unlimited students, this is a great way to start, which is really sweet, but a big deal. This can start to add up if you’re going to get to know more than 20 students, as it is with the pro plan.

Next, they don’t really have any transaction fees so that’s usually why a lot of people move to the pro plan very quickly, they have other things with the basic plan so you get everything you need and this is like I said before this started getting the 29 That’s what I recommend to most people who do because you can have the coupon codes that we talked about earlier and they’re really good and you can get a custom domain and you can also remove your course content.

It’s really important that you can do those two things you can offer coupon codes and you can take them out of your course and they have rejoined emails, which is what we were talking about earlier, so why would you want to do the pro plan? Well, it’s simply going to come down to transaction fees, so let’s say your course is a thousand dollars, and it’s kind of relative because it’s kind of the middle ground here.

But a lot of people sell their courses for a thousand dollars and the five percent transaction fee is going to be fifty dollars, That’s a lot, so if you’re going to sell those ten courses, you’re going to pay five hundred dollars, it’s better to go for the pro plan because then you won’t have the transaction fees, now there’s the business plan, and a lot of people want this.

It won’t, it wouldn’t recommend starting at 249 a month with that I would recommend starting with the basic one and once you know five or ten different students consider going to the pro plan because you’ll probably save some money.

Going to a 99-a-month plan is a bit scary but a lot of people do it like I said before I have to talk about a few things I really don’t like about what I can teach you ah they have uploaded for media files that are ridiculous it’s not very good for you photos and videos It’s always a bit awkward if you want to upload things like, so I’d love it if they could fix it so they have the ability to make a blog or different blog posts so you can reteach.

Bad kind of functionality it hasn’t gone through much thought, so don’t host your blog as a teachable, it’s not something I recommend unless you want to dive deep into teachable and you start customizing the code first It’s like a free plan or a basic plan Don’t, but once you want to do it, it’s not great compared to online website design services like Shopify you know, for example editing their coding is really easy.

I found that I can teach it’s a bit difficult but you It’s great for teaching coding if not customizing so you can tell me what my thoughts are on what can be taught overall I really like it I think it’s a really good solution if you want your website to have everything done for you much more than having it in WordPress If you want, you know there are landing pages with lead pages and then you take a course through a plug-in and then through Sam Cart.

You can have it all in one by knowing how to do it. An integrated platform is actually going to create my own site through which I can teach and then have my courses on there as well because it does pretty much everything you want to do with 95 perfections so if you want to do everything 100 pixels perfect again and stuff it’s probably Not the best option, but for running a course I know of course, many people who make so much money through teaching ability, you know, make more than a million dollars a year with a nice basic software like teachable.

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