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Improve technical writing skills (6 Best Writing Algorithm)

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Gagan Dias

Improve technical writing skills

The writing algorithm is a series of procedures to be followed to become an expert in writing and earn highly. These 6 writing algorithms are;

1. WRITE every single day if you can

If you want to master a skill, you have to continuously practice that skill. To be a master in writing, you need to write every single day if you can. If you can’t write every single day, write every two days, three days, or four days… But never stay so long not writing. Draw up a writing schedule to help you write consistently.

The more you write, the more you get better. When you are open to writing every time, it helps you take note of your mistakes and learn ways to correct them. But if you don’t write consistently, you won’t know areas to improve.

To practice writing, you don’t have to think so hard about a particular idea or write a long detailed post every single time. That could be stressful and overwhelming especially if you are a beginner or growing writer. Somedays, try free writing, this is a situation where you write down whatever comes to your head. Freewriting is a good way to practice writing as it helps you develop your abilities as a writer, builds confidence, and drives inspiration. And all these are needed to attain mastery in writing.

2. EXPAND your vocabulary

To be perceived and seen as an expert in writing, you need to weave beautiful words. Your choice of words has to be fantastic. Expanding your Vocabulary helps you achieve these. You need to learn new words consistently and infuse them in your writing. You need to know to drop overused words and replace them with stronger and more beautiful words that will give a good impression to people. Always create time, to learn new words, their meaning, and their application of them.

3. Read voraciously

To attain mastery in writing, you need to read widely. Reading widely will help you have access to a significant number of books that will have a significant impact on your writing skill. When you read a wide variety of books, you get to see how other writers compose their sentences, their choice of words, and their style of writing and you begin to incorporate them in your writing.

4. Learn the basics of writing

The basics of writing are sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You need to know how to write beautiful and complete sentences. You need to know the rules of English.

You need to know how to spell and apply punctuation in your writing correctly. All Excellent writers are masters in the basics of writing. When you have a great grasp of the basics of writing, you can come up with an Excellent written piece and this shows you are a master in the field. There are tons of books/articles on the basics of writing on Google. Read and practice them consistently and you will attain mastery in writing.

5. LEARN from the masters in the field

We all know of this pidgin slang that goes like this; ‘Who follow who know road nor go miss road.’ Right? This is very true. When you follow other great writers and study how they do things, you will attract their kind of success. Look for those writers who you know have attained mastery in writing and follow them. Follow them by studying how they do things and understanding what they do and why they do it. Pay for their training, buy their books, and ask questions.

Study their style of writing and also how they present themselves in the online space. Understand the psychology of what they do, why they do it, and how they do it. Start by learning from the masters even if it will cost you huge sums of money, you will surely reap results in the future.

6. PUBLISH your work and get feedback

As a beginner or growing writer, it’s normal to feel scared or shy about publishing your work for people to read because you are scared that it might not be good enough. You are scared of being raided with negative comments and criticism. But you must know, that you need to get feedback/criticisms for you to grow.

If you don’t put out your work for people to see, no one will read your work and point out areas of improvement. Constantly, you need to get the opinions of people about how they see your work so you can know the areas you need to work on. When you put your work out there for people to read, you will get feedback and improve yourself and in no due time, you will become an expert in writing.

Also, give a trusted friend, editor, writing coach, or colleague your works to read and ask them what they think about it. Be open to criticisms, get feedback for improvement, and continually hone your writing skills to an excellent standard. Do not be discouraged by negative feedback or criticisms, rather see them from a positive angle and keep getting better.

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