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Tubebuddy Review (Everything you need to know) in 2024

Tubebuddy Review

Tubebuddy Review

Each TubeBuddy review must contain an image of the product. This helps people to understand what they are buying, and it makes it easier for Google to extract the valuable information that you want them to extract.


This article will be talking about TubeBuddy, which is a way to boost your YouTube account’s views quickly and easily. It works well on any device including iOS devices like iPhones or iPads so if you’ve got one of those then it can still work well for you.

You may wonder how this free tool actually works. Well, TubeBuddy isn’t really totally free because you’ll need a credit card in order to buy it for your Android or Apple device but you can download the app first before purchasing it at that stage. It’s also very quick to download, only taking up a few MBs of space, so it won’t take long at all to get started once you’ve paid for this service.

Once the app is downloaded you’ll need your account credentials in order to log back into your YouTube account whilst using TubeBuddy. You can choose which device you want to use by choosing either desktop or mobile option depending on how you usually watch videos on YouTube. The next step will be adding some tags so TubeBuddy knows what kind of content you want more views on.

This helps TubeBuddy find other videos that are related to the ones that you’re uploading and gives it an understanding of what people like watching on YouTube too. It’s best to keep the tags as relevant as possible because TubeBuddy will find more videos if it can find ones that are similar to your own.

The next step is choosing how long you want this service to run. You’ll see a basic graph with different markers on it which helps you estimate roughly how much time this will take thanks to its speed of processing results. After that, you just need to hit start and TubeBuddy instantly begins running in the background of your device or computer screen depending on what was selected at first.

If you have an iPhone then I’m sure you know that the battery life isn’t always great so it’s advisable not to leave TubeBuddy running overnight, especially when there is no WiFi connection in that location. It’s best to use it in places where you can charge your device and won’t need to be using the internet during this time e.g.: on your computer when it’s offline or at home when you don’t intend on going out.

Another thing worth mentioning is that TubeBuddy takes up very little battery power, so it won’t affect your phone or tablet’s performance either.

The next step after choosing how long you want TubeBuddy to run for is deciding whether you want it to switch off automatically when there isn’t any activity happening – like uploading a video onto YouTube. If you opt-in then TubeBuddy will automatically start working again as soon as new happens within the service which is a very useful feature to have.

This feature is not turned on by default, however, so it’s good practice to turn this off so TubeBuddy runs every hour of the day without fail. This will help ensure your YouTube account gets all the views it deserves as quickly as possible. TubeBuddy isn’t very difficult to use with mobile devices either, but if you’re using an iOS device or an Android phone then I’d recommend sticking to the desktop version because they are more powerful than their mobile counterparts and can process these results much faster.

Despite this powerful tool being free there are some limited times when TubeBuddy cannot be used for whatever reason which can decrease its reliability slightly. For instance, TubeBuddy cannot be used whilst a YouTube video is being processed by its servers i.e.: while it’s uploading or when the tab on which you have TubeBuddy running is switched from that YouTube tab to another one.


There are no real-time notifications either, if you want to know how close TubeBuddy is to finishing then you’ll need to check back at some point even though an estimated time will be shown during the process. There isn’t any way in which I can see this changing in the future either but TubeBuddy has already come so far since it first came out that I think the free service available now is much better than what it used to offer before at least in terms of results and speed.

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