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YouTube Monetization Requirements 2024: Tips to achieve it

Last Updated on January 16, 2024 by Gagan Dias

YouTube Monetization Requirements:

  • Make the video last at least 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Do not apply for AdSense by leaving only videos made from Creative Commons now. Request with videos created by yourself. (2020 YT Policy)
  • Upload quality colorful videos due to more important clicks than views.
  • After the completion of Watch Hours, the videos that contributed to the completion of Watch Hours will be removed and the relevant Watch Hours will be lost..
  • Even though the videos are in English, there are no UK or USA Views. Target Audience is important.
  • Avoid Paid Views for Channels as much as possible. Views, Likes and Comments are strictly prohibited under the Youtube Fake Engagement Policy.
  • When creating a video, be very careful about voice, lighting, eye contacts, background music etc.

If you want to make a channel in English, try to maintain the same channel in your mother language as well. It will easily give you additional benefits.

Add attractive videos to your YouTube channel to another level where you can earn revenue through sponsorship.

Youtube is the best place to get traffic to your website. A very good video can easily get a large number of people to your website.

The ebook can be created in different languages. If you can make a good ebook under a topic that benefits people, you can also use Youtube to sell it. Learn YouTube Automation to do this easily. Create an attractive video and provide the required link in its description.

In addition, you can use Youtube to market your other products. All you have to do is create a good marketing video and release it to Youtube. What needs to be done is to make it appear that it is a necessary thing.

Title, Tags and Description are very important (Metadata) This is the way to make the relevant video accessible to a large number of people.

Make it a habit to comment on good videos. If your commenting name is the name of your youtube brand (Channel), it will be a common thing for everyone and I will make you a popular character on YT. Good for a channel.

Let’s make money through Youtube Shorts ..!
Shorts is a recent introduction from YouTube .. Vertical videos are quite popular by now. Especially Youtube shorts like Tiktok and instagram reels are running in parallel. Until now, there was no opportunity to make money through it. But now you can make money through it. They have prepared a $ 100M fund for it. So the channels with the best Youtube shorts performance can get the short bonus fund per month from this fund.

Youtube is a place where you can change your life. Good content can change your life and the lives of others.
So if you are starting a channel, think about the following: d

  1. Lifting importance from time to time
  2. Being able to do with your daily routine
  3. No need to incur huge expenses
  4. Should have reasons to maintain at least a period between 02-05 years.
  5. Containing matters that are important to the people on a daily basis
  6. Include points that are important not to miss every minute of viewing.

How do you find trending keywords on YouTube?

  1. Youtube Keyword Tool
    This allows you to get the keyword list and search volumes that others have searched for in relation to the keyword we give. (Keyword Research Tool)
  2. Youtube Trending Keywords Finder Tool –
    With this tool you can analyze trending Topics, Category, Keywords & Search Volumes.
  3. Youtube Video Keyword
    This tool analyzes used Tags / Keywords. (SPY Tags / Keyword)
  4. Youtube Video Suggestions / Recommendations Keywords Finder Tool
    From this, you can get the relevant Keywords List and Search Volume related to Youtube Video Suggestions / Recommendations.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I just was able to apply to google adsense last month. Thank goodness. This is helpful information.

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