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Pinterest Seo: Expectations vs. Reality 2024

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Gagan Dias

Pinterest Seo: Expectations vs. Reality

Pinterest SEO Hacks

THIS IS A LONG POST. Since there’s been A LOT OF people frustrated with Pinterest, I wanted to share a few tips with you all that might help.

The truth is followers DO matter to a point. I was talking about this earlier with a few of you. A lot of people will say Pinterest followers don’t matter BUT, sometimes they DO matter. For example, since I have almost 40,000 Pinterest followers and an established account, it’s easier for me to get hundreds of active users on my blog the moment I upload a new pin.

With that being said, you can still get seen by thousands of Pinterest users that aren’t following you if you use proper Pinterest SEO. This helps you get seen in searches and helps Pinterest push your content out into the feeds of the right audience.
That’s also why someone who might only have 700 followers can have 500k monthly views.

But, that instant activity when publishing a new pin might not be as great with fewer followers. Within time that pin has the potential to take off though so be patient with yourself.

Truth is repinning others’ content really isn’t helping you. Yes, repinning others’ content can help you get more Pinterest views, and maybe people will become interested and want to check out your profile but, in reality, the average Pinterest user isn’t on there to follow people and interact. They are usually on there searching for ideas and inspiration.

Pinterest wants us as content creators to continue to put out new content and fresh pins for average users to repin which is why you should focus on creating fresh pins for your own content instead of repinning others’ content constantly if you want results.
Who knows how long this algorithm will last but that’s just how it is right now.

Does this mean you need to create 15 new pins a day? No! Don’t burn yourself out. 5 a day has worked great for a lot of people. I personally do 10 every other day. The truth is, every account is different and what works for one account isn’t going to work for the next. Find your sweet spot without burning yourself out.

Truth is, sometimes we don’t want to admit that our pin design is failing us. If your pin design is hard to read and doesn’t stand out on the feed you probably won’t get many link clicks. It’s worth it to invest in Pinterest templates that you know have worked for others in the past.

Truth is your monthly views are going to go up and down CONSTANTLY. This is going to drive you insane but you have to know that it’s completely normal! Unfortunately, they won’t go up every day. On some days users are more active than on other days. The change in seasons can have an effect. Around the holidays and fall is when you get the BEST results from Pinterest in my opinion.

But please DO NOT stress the dips. Stop worrying about your monthly views. Not to mention Pinterest analytics glitches all the time. If you fear your account is marked as spam you can email Pinterest via the contact help center and they should help.

Will your old pins dye quickly?

Nope, they will still be evergreen on Pinterest if relevant.

Does having new pins enough?

Nope, the most important aspect of your pin is still relevant!

Does someone repin your pin a bad thing?

Absolutely not! Engagement still shows Pinterest that your content is great and therefore they will show it to more people.

The most important analytic to pay attention to is your link clicks and I recommend really looking at your google analytics for the most accurate reading of your stats. Pinterest Seo: truth is, not every pin is going to bring you to link clicks and some pins will get way more impressions. There are SO MANY reasons for this happening,

It’s possible your pin topic is too niche specific. Perhaps not enough people who are seeing your pin are actually interested in the topic.

If I come across a pin about travel tips for Greece, I’m going to scroll by because I don’t plan on traveling to Greece anytime soon. Therefore you get my impression but not a link click. Don’t get defeated if your pins aren’t converting every time. Sometimes the topic is just too specific.

Another reason could be that it’s an image that people are saving for inspiration. This is why images without text overlay tend to get a lot more impressions and fewer link clicks. Same with infographics. If you give away too much content on the pin, they won’t need to click in to read more. If I create a list pin I will state half the list and then include a call to action to click for the rest of the list.

Some people go onto Pinterest and save the pin to a board to read later which can also cause lots of impressions and fewer link clicks.

The truth is new accounts and accounts that aren’t established yet aren’t going to take off right away. Just like anything else Pinterest takes TIME. Especially a new account. Be consistent with your pinning strategies for 6 months (i know that seems long but you really do need to give it time)

A lot of us lack patience which leads to giving up way too soon and just getting defeated.
Remember to celebrate every bit of growth. I know Pinterest can seem exhausting but it doesn’t have to be if you look at it from a different perspective. AND REMEMBER some topics will take off quicker than others. Just the way it is. Pay attention to Pinterest trends and try to pin trending topics. The truth is you need to test things out!

Play around with your pin titles. I created a pin for a post and used “9 habits of women who are never broke” it did great the first time and the more I repeated that title I realized my pin reach wasn’t as great as before SO I switched up the title.
“9 habits of women who are rich” and instantly that pin took off. GET CREATIVE. Play around with video and animated pins and see how those perform for you.

Switch up your elements and overlays. Play around with new colors and fonts if you want to! Be careful of script font because sometimes it’s hard to read at a quick glance.
& If you have no clue on how to use Pinterest for your blog then consider investing in Pinterest with Ell. I teach you everything step by step and I am always happy to answer questions after. (& yes the course is updated for the latest algorithm and I always update it accordingly)

How to make money on Pinterest

You could have the audience in the world but they need to trust you! Do you need a large audience to make sales? Absolutely not, but you need a trusting, buying audience!
So how do you build trust?

SHOW RESULTS – if you are trying to sell a product that helps, or a course for a specific topic, SHOW RESULTS. Prove to your audience that the product has worked for YOU. Prove to your audience that the course has worked for others. Having reviews from those who tried your course or product and LOVED it, helps build that trust.

I’m more likely to purchase a course from someone who proves that their course gives results as opposed to someone who just says what I want to hear. Results matter.

Make sure to offer VALUABLE FREE content. It goes a long way. If you provide free valuable content, your audience will be a lot more trusting when it comes to purchasing a product or recommendation from you.

TALK ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT. So many people are afraid of self-promotion but if you do it in a non-spammy way, it WILL help your sales increase. You can’t just assume someone will come across your product. Promote it! Talk about it in your blog posts when you can, utilize your social media stories, tweet about it, mention it to your email list, and talk about it on Facebook or in your own Facebook group.

Just don’t be tacky about it, be strategic. You don’t have to beat the product to death by mentioning it every single day across all platforms but talking about it really helps make it known.

Use Pinterest! You all know I love Pinterest because it helps me grow my audience and make sales. If you don’t use Pinterest to your advantage, let me help you!!! Pinterest is a game-changer for me.

Before you launch your product have beta testers! Allow others to try your product for free and give you feedback. That feedback can help you tweak it so you know your product will be loved, OR the feedback will tell you that the product is already awesome and you’re good to launch!!!

If you haven’t created a product yet and want to, do some market research! Don’t be afraid to talk to your audience and figure out what they NEED. What problems do they have that you can provide a solution for?

If you know your product is going to help your audience, it will sell that much more! Knowing your audience is really important!
Selling products isn’t easy, it’s tough. But I know you can do it!!!!! Hope these quick tips helped!

With February around the corner, I wanted to pop in and share some motivation and tips for the month ahead!

Often I find many get discouraged throughout their blogging journey and I get that! It’s normal to get discouraged at one point or another.
Especially when you feel like you have been trying everything, giving it your best shot, and still nothing seems to be working out.

What I like to do is a reflection at the end of each month. Throughout the month I encourage you to write down what your stats are for your blog and each platform you are working on growing. THEN set goals for the month.

How many blog views would you like to have at the end of the month?
How about subscribers and social media followers?
Write those goals down in a way as if they already happened… EXAMPLE: in February I grew my blog traffic by 10,000 page views, and In February I grew my Instagram following by 500.

Once you have your goals figured out, try to figure out how many subscribers, followers, and page views you would need each day in order to reach those goals by the end of the month. Next would be to figure out your content marketing strategy.
EXAMPLE: If you want to grow your subscribers by 100, what can you do to get those new subscribers? Perhaps create a new freebie that you can promote and push.
Evaluate: how is your SEO?

Do you need to go back and update old content to get your content ranking?
Need inspo for new content that people NEED?
Do some research on topics that are getting searched. I love to use answer the public! It’s an awesome website that shows top-searched questions for specific keywords.
If you can create quality content that answers these top-searched questions, then BOOM it’s a win for you.

Make sure throughout each week you jot down what you did that week and what your stats were. This will help! when you try something out the following week you can compare and see if something you did differently helped or hurt.

You can then look at the end of the month to see how your month performed compared to the previous month and what you might have done differently to get those results.
BUT HERE’S THE THING: regardless of what you did or didn’t do… there are so many things that can affect your stats.

Not every month is going to be a consistent increase. It depends on the season, events happening around the world, the day of the week, etc. It can fluctuate all the time and you can see this not only with social media but, with Pinterest and google trends too.
STOP being so hard on yourself. I find that so many tend to want that instant gratification that they get very discouraged when the results don’t happen when they want them to. Next thing you know, people are giving up!

Good things take time and I know it’s not easy hearing that but, when it comes to building an audience it takes a lot of dedication, consistency, tweaking, testing, and retesting.
It’s a never-ending learning process and if you get frustrated and give up after a month because you don’t get the results you want, then you are potentially giving up on something that has the ability to change your life.

There were so many times at the beginning of my own journey when I thought “okay, is this worth it? Is the time I put into my blog really going to be worth it in the end?”
And let me tell you. I am so glad I didn’t give up!!! If you want results you need to keep going even if it feels like it’s not working. There will be plenty of those days. However, that consistency is what’s going to create your foundation. You don’t get results with inconsistencies.

If you feel burnt out and can’t create new content, I get that too! I’ve been there and I have been there all month.

What you can do is go back and update old content in the meantime and market your old content. Try to continue to show up on social media when you can so you are still engaging with your audience during these unmotivated times.
Some effort is better than none at all. & don’t forget to rest and celebrate all your accomplishments no matter how big or small!

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